Auto-translate your customers responses in real time for seamless communication.

Break down language barriers and provide high-quality services for your foreign customers


Language barriers create difficulties when communicating with foreign customers. 

Can’t understand your customers’ preferences due to words getting lost in translation?

Unable to serve your customers to the best of your abilities because you don’t speak the same language?

Unable to respond to customer inquiries and requests due to incorrect translations?


You don't need a translator. All you need is DonaChat.


Multilingual support

We provide on-the-spot multilingual support when you need to communicate with your customer in other foreign languages.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

With DonaChat, you can focus on providing exceptional service for inquiries and requests, regardless of cultural differences.


Smooth communication

You can deliver the right message to your audiences, reducing the risk of misunderstandings due to language barriers.


Speed up your business operations

With DonaChat, you reduce the need for multilingual manpower and boost efficiency in your business operations.

About DonaChat

DonaChat is a chat tool that translates your language into your customer's language and vice versa. Supporting 64 languages, it enables you to provide multilingual customer support to multinational clients. Furthermore, DonaChat incorporates advanced AI translation technology to deliver smooth and natural language translations.

Easy-To-Use Translation Chat

DonaChat can easily provide customers with access to the multilingual translation chat by issuing a QR code or URL.

Easy For Customers To Use

Your customers using DonaChat can easily access the chat interface through their smartphone or laptop's browser and begin conversing immediately, without the hassle of logging into an account.

Communicate With Distant Customers

By providing the URL to DonaChat in advance, you can maintain communication with distant clients and offer detailed customer support as an emergency contact point.

Why DonachAt

DonaChat is for business owners to attract foreign customers.

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Start using it today

Businesses in need of a translation tool can start using it online immediately.

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Translate into 64 languages

DonaChat makes it easier for foreigners to converse in their native languages.

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Smooth conversations

DonaChat is powered by gen AI, translation is translated in  fluent language.

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Simple for your customer

Just place the URL or QR code for the chat on your store, website, or in an informational email.


Features are easy to understand and simple to use!

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Instant translation

Conversations are quickly translated into your language, ensuring no delay in communication.

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Easy access from QR code or URL

Since it’s a browser-based chat, it's easily accessible for foreign visitors from their mobile phone.

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Pay by credit card

Start DonaChat with online payment. Our features are designed to respond 'immediately.'

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Manage multiple store operations

Like phone numbers, you can separate inquiry chats for each store.


If you have any questions
Dona will answer them for you.


We offer pricing plans that are easy to implement, tailored to the scale of your business and the level of inbound demand. All plans include the option for a 7 day free trial.
Credit card registration is required when setting up an account.


10,000yen /month
The Starter plan allows up to three languages for translation and up to 50 chat rooms per month. It is ideal for those looking to keep monthly costs low.
Chat ID: 1
Chat Room: 50/month
Language: 3
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50,000yen /month
The Business plan supports translations in up to 64 languages and allows up to 100 chat rooms per month. It enables you to provide loyal customer support by accommodating the language needs of multinational customers.
Chat ID: 1
Chat Room: 100/month
Language: 64
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The Enterprise plan is designed for business owners with multiple stores. It offers flexible management of ChatIDs and ChatRooms, tailored to those who wish to allocate and manage these across several locations. This plan provides a customized package to meet your specific needs.
Chat ID: Customize
Chat Room: Customize
Language: Customize

A ChatID is an ID issued to customers tailored to the service. Each ChatID is assigned a unique URL and QR code. For example, we recommend that business owners with multiple stores create a ChatID for each location. A ChatRoom refers to the page where messages are exchanged with customers. Language refers to the number of languages that customers can select.


Gen AI-Powered Multilingual Translation

Appropriate for Everyday Conversations
Extensive Language Options
No-Delay Translation Speed
Reliable Translation Accuracy
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